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I'm a curious and adventurous problem solver.

As a daughter / niece / granddaughter of craftspeople and entrepreneurs, I have an innate drive, resourcefulness, and grit for building things.

With an education in social science and former career in business law, I bring empathetic strategic thinking to identifying and solving design problems.

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"The universe buries strange jewels deep within each of us and then stands back to see if we can find them."
Elizabeth Gilbert
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My design journey began at 11 y/o, when I taught myself basic HTML by fiddling with my blog layout code to customize the design.

Despite having next-level color coordination, with limited internet access + lack of guidance/support, my design exploration was put on hold.

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Fascinated by human interaction and societal influence on its people, I majored in Sociology (as well as Justice Studies) in college.

(Still) without exposure to design and graduating into a recession, I found myself in law + finance.

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From roles in capital markets to corporate governance and development, I've always sought to not just solve problems but to mitigate risk and identify areas to innovate.

This knack for identifying problems to improve coupled with exposure to product strategy led me to pursue product design.

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Where I stand out


I am comfortable taking charge, so I can remove bottlenecks and reassure others in times of crisis.


Through natural anticipation and thoughtfulness, I am able to reduce risks and prevent problems from arising.


I can see what makes each individual unique and figure out how people can work together productively.


I instinctually and confidently take risks.


Leading with authenticity allows me to build long-lasting connections that foster trust and confidence.

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