Grove Luxe Case Study

What is grove luxe?

Grove Luxe is a travel booking app that helps travelers discover and confidently book glamping locations that are equipped with basic amenities.


Solo concept project, Spring 2021

What I did

Product Design
User Testing

tools used

Adobe XD

the Problem

What even is Glamping?

Personal experience gave me insight into the opportunity to delve deeper into what holds people back from glamping for the first time.

I kept encountering people who were interested in glamping ("potential glampers") but had yet to take the plunge due to their lack of experience and/or knowledge of the trend.

How might we...

Help curious potential glampers feel confident in trying out glamping for the first time?

Design Process

Boost confidence in potential glampers

I surveyed and interviewed individuals who had not previously glamped in order to better understand their needs and pain points (if any).

key insight

Participants felt held back by their perceived lack of knowledge ("What do I need?") and overwhelmed by the research they anticipated being required in order to find a stay that met their needs ("But wait, what do I even need?").

Market specialization

While there are excellent options for travelers to find and book a stay at a glamp site, it can be difficult to filter and find a glamping stay that meets certain expectations (e.g., Airbnb's filters aren't specialized for glamping considerations).

These options also don't offer a wide array of glamping hotel/resort stays, which I found to be a preference for some potential glampers with safety concerns.

Business opportunity

Perhaps narrowing down the available listings to only those that are guaranteed to have the most essential amenities would be less intimidating to potential glampers and, in turn, boost glampcations and deliver desired experiences to potential glampers.

Implementing early feedback

Wireframe exploration to hi-fi mockups

Early user testing helped identify erroneous assumptions in my initial design. A tradeoff I made in the lo-fi mockups (middle photo above) was to not include prices in the Experience Cards but I added them in the next iteration (third photo above) after soliciting early feedback from participants I tested the design with.

the solution

MVP Features + principles

Informed by insights I received from interviews and early user testing as well as from analyzing the competitive market, I landed on three opportunity areas to help boost confidence in potential glampers.

01 Guaranteed standard amenities

02 Show what to expect

03 Individualized filter

guaranteed standard amenities

In order to reduce uncertainty and time spent searching, all listings on the app would offer the basic level of amenities that a potential glamper would need.

I determined the list of amenities by researching existing glamping resort offerings as well as surveying participants on their expectations.

Guaranteed Standard Amenities details screen (accessed via filter screen)

Swiping through stay photos

show what to expect

With the goal of empowering potential glampers to book a stay they have confidence in, each stay and experience detail screen provides photos, reviews, and stays include Highlights to inform the potential glamper what the property is best known for to better identify what to expect.

Filter Screen

Individualized Filter

The filter screen aims to deliver a more efficient discovery experience for the potential glamper.

While exploring filter options, I thought the scope of options could be expanded to include more unique filters (e.g., family friendly v. romantic v. for solo travelers) to further individualize the experience.


Implementing feedback

As I continue to iterate the design, I'm eager to build out a more in-depth web experience to explore and test a booking flow as well as an expansion of the filter feature.

I also would like to improve discoverability of the amenity guarantee. In user testing, one participant indicated that the amenity standard guarantee was not immediately clear to them.

Working through constraints

So far, my design decisions have been informed by interviews and testing with participants who had not previously glamped, however, I will be expanding my scope to participants who have glamped to get their perspective and understand their pain points with past experiences (e.g., what they wish they knew before glamping, how they booked their stay, etc.).


Photo credit

Most of the photography is my own and was taken on my own adventures. See below for links to other artist's work:
Roberto Nickson
Jonas Dücker

real stays

In case you're interested in exploring, the real stays and experiences that were shown in photos used in the concept are below.

Companies I've used or stayed with:
Under Canvas (Zion)
AutoCamp (Yosemite)
Ventana Big Sur
— Canyoneering with Zion Guide Hub
Antelope Canyon Tours
Northern Light Balloon Expeditions (Sedona)

Other companies I've yet to stay with:
EcoCamp Patagonia